You know the site redesign I was promising you, the one you probably thought was purely fictitious and created to excuse my break from posting?

It's here.

After lots of hours and lots (really, lots) of trial and error, the new Fishnet Burnns is live.

So, tell me what you think.

And enjoy your new Burnns.


Anonymous said... @ Wed Nov 05, 07:02:00 PM PST


I love this new set-up so much more, I find it so much easier to navigate around on the site, and you get to keep the purple too?! It must be too good to be true. :)

Slay Midwest said... @ Mon Dec 15, 07:20:00 PM PST

This site is incredible! How did you trick your Blogspot page out so well? It's so individual. Did you have to do all the code yourself?

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