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Welcome to Fishnet Burnns!

This site grew out of a void I found in roller derby's presence on the web.

See, I could find plenty of places to buy roller derby stuff, and I could find places to get roller derby bout scores and talkery about roller derby by fans and refs, but I wanted information that related directly to me as a skater. For example, what wheels other jammers liked or how to properly execute a hip check. Well, that information was buried in a Google-y black hole of keyword trial-and-error, broken links, and endless, rambling forum threads.

I also encountered a lot of sweaty-palmed, paranoid information hoarding by folks who are terrified of sharing their league's "secrets" with the rest of us.

Eff that noise.

I think sharing information is good. If your league learns and gets better and plays my league, then we have to get better to keep up, and the next time we play another league, they have to get better too, and so the entire sport of roller derby evolves and we all enjoy better competition and camaraderie.

I also think that to get and share this information no one should have to become a Bawls-chugging forum troll, or learn a secret handshake to get other skaters and coaches to give up the goods.

Instead, it should be as simple, friendly and relationship-affirming as asking your sister for a tampon. Dig?

Fishnet Burnns is written by me, Rei Zerburnn.

Some of the content is mine. Some of it comes from other skaters, coaches, refs, trainers, captains, board members, committee heads....you get the idea. Derby folk from all over who love the sport and want to spread the good vibes.

Who am I?

I'm a derby girl like you probably are. I skate for the Lilac City Rollergirls in Spokane, WA.
I love my team. I love my league. I love the refs and volunteers who give their time so we can skate. Most of all, I love roller derby, and I even love my burns and bruises.

I'm a third blocker, and sometimes, a jammer. I help run practices and I love traning new girls. I'm captain of my team. I'm president of my league. I like making a lot of cool bout posters. I have big dreams for my league. I always have letters ironed onto my underwear. I'm probably like some of the girls you skate with, and I'm always happy to teach a skill, learn a new move, help on a committee, and yes, even loan you a tampon.

Thanks for reading, and if any of the things you find here are useful, tell your girls.

Love, Pain and Urethane,

Rei Zerburnn

Update: I've retired from skating with my league and gone back to school. Life happens, right? But I'm still passionate about derby and plan to return to skating one day.