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Inquiring minds want to know. From your travel team pivot to that guy sitting in the crash zone and waving an eye chart he made out of posterboard at your head ref, skaters and spectators often wonder: What do refs really see?

Check out this referee helmet cam video from the Charm City vs. Windy City Eastern Regionals bout and find out what the action looks like from inside the vertical stripes.

This particular ref is skating around the outside of the track, but there are a few seconds of footage from the infield as well at around the 1:25 mark. Which is fairly hilarious, because the ref actually crosses the track to the center just to tell a skater to get the eff out. Watch his frantic "Authoritative Point Which Singles Out The Naughty"!

While you're watching, try this fun interactive activity!

  • Turn on your TV to a sporting event and crank the volume as loud as it will go.
  • Put your skates and all your gear on.
  • Stick a whistle in your mouth.
  • Have a friend or small child fall down near you at random intervals.
  • If you can find a few buddies to yell profanities at you, even better.
  • Now, see how many penalties you can catch!

There's a bitchin' soundtrack but no audio, 'cause us mere mortals aren't supposed to hear secret zebra-speak. It makes your bearings rust and your teeth fall out, trust me.

The best part is, I really had no idea how completely freaking awesome the derby action looks from the ref's point of view. They've got the best seats in the house, that's for sure.